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Gerson Boom was well known around the monster community as a very humble man, despite his successes. Gerson often spends more of his time alone, though he has no problem socializing with other monsters either in New Home, or along the adventures he embarks on.

Surprisingly, despite the restricted space, Gerson is always finding something new to do, ensuring that he doesn't ever get bored.

Magic Abilities[]



Gerson was born into the Paral Kingdom, 120 years prior to The War For Humanity. From an early age Gerson was fascinated with the more militaristic side of the kingdom, especially the Royal Guard. His interest sparked from a chance encounter he had while out exploring in the woods near Capon, coming across Asgrid Dreemurr and his personal escort on the trails. Gerson admired the noble soldiers protecting the king, and vowed on that same day that he would become one of them.

This dream was achieved several years later, becoming the first, and only Testodata to be accepted into the Royal Guard. Though it took time, Gerson climbed through the ranks, and at last achieved the role as Captain of the Royal Guard. This meant that Gerson would be able to spend much of his waking time alongside his idol, Asgrid Dremurr.

Gerson fought bravely during The War For Humanity, and intended on staying behind with Asgrid and Celia Dreemurr during the final stand in Ebott. The only reason why he left, was because it was Asgrid's final order for him to evacuate with then Prince Asgore Dreemurr, and defend him at all costs. This final order may very well have saved Gerson's life.

When the monsters moved underground and the Royal Guard was disbanded, Gerson turned to archaeology. He knew of many areas around the Underground, particularly the mysterious ruins and several more hidden caverns in Waterfall, that he would go on to exercise the explorer side in him that never fully died out. Still, he never forgot the past and his time serving in the guard.

Following Chara and Asriel Dreemurr's deaths, now King Asgore approached Gerson, wondering if he would want to take up the role as captain of the guard once again. Gerson humbly denied his request, deciding that he had seen enough combat in his life, perfectly content to continue with his explorations.