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Welcome to the Undertale: Chronicle Wiki. Please be warned that this wiki does contain major spoilers. Want to avoid these? Simply visit the Chronological Order page to see all the written stories, both in progress and completed! Fair warning, this wiki is far from completed. Information will be added as it becomes relevant. You will only find information in this wiki that directly correlates to some aspect of the overarching AU. Information in this wiki is placed just prior to the events of "Nothing Lost, No One Blamed", unless it is said otherwise.

About Undertale: Chronicle
Undertale: Chronicle is going to be a mass campaign attempting to paint a much broader world in the Undertale universe and its history, much like that of the AU Undertale Rho. The idea for the project was inspired by Rho, yet the author would like to make it very clear it is not trying to copy Rho in any way.

Information found on this wiki will match records available inside the world itself. Information that is not known to anybody in the world, or there is no record of, will most likely not appear on this wiki, unless it is critical to the overarching plot. Information provided in this wiki will be as of the events in Nothing Lost, No One Blamed, unless a specific character is introduced after these events. They will be the exceptions.

Images used on the Undertale: Chronicle do not belong to me. I take no claim in ownership of any image used on this wiki. Credit has been given to the original artists where I could find them.

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